Total UPS System
3-50 kVA
Single Phase Output

Data Sheet
Product Specification

Industrial PWM Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

Three Phase
10-125 kVA


The SEPlus UPS Systems are true on-line ferroresonant systems which provide regulated, clean, continuous power for critical AC loads. Each system integrates the Battery Charger, Inverter, Static Switch, and a Manual Bypass Switch in a single package.

- High reliability - exceeds 140,000 hours (16 years) MTBF
- Industrial grade - built to operate in extreme environments, (VPI) vacuum impregnated magnetics with 200ºC epoxy insulation.
- Low audible noise.
- High efficiency transistor bridge
- long life LED indicators, front panel accessibility
- Harmonic filtering for Distributed Control Systems
- Unique crest factor circuitry provides full capacity for non-linear loads
- Optional remote status panel
- All components are front accessible- no side or back clearance required
- Integral system event recording for diagnostics (logs last 100 events)
- Lighted Mimic Panel Display
- Microprocessor based alarms
- RS232 Communications Interface accessible through door front
- Optional Rectifier blocking diode to use the SEPlus with existing station battery and battery charger