Moisture Meter

Industrial Mill Application
Resistance technology is the standard around the world. It is the only real way to identify surface and core moisture content, minimizing defects and improving quality control.

Delmhorst moisture meters are used by dry kiln operators, sawmill and planer mill personnel, furniture and cabinet makers, quality control inspectors and lumber buyers. Our wide assortment of models gives you the opportunity to choose the right meter for your application.

Home Inspector
Pest Control operators, EIFS inspectors and Home Inspectors rely on Delmhorst moisture meters to check moisture in insulation, drywall, wood, concrete and plaster. Any model will help you trace leaks, find exterior moisture intrusion and locate if dry rot is present. With a Delmhorst moisture meter there is no guesswork as to where moisture problems are occurring, we pinpoint them for you.

Cabinetmakers, woodworkers and craftsman know that excessive moisture can cause major problems in their finished product. Delmhorst offers three solutions for any budget to locate moisture before it affects your work. The J-2000 and J-Lite meters incorporate an advanced micro controller circuit, and all three meters offer you superior value and the high degree of accuracy and reliability you have come to expect from Delmhorst. These meters are ideal for any woodworking application.

The newly-designed P-2000 is an electrical resistance-type moisture meter, utilizing the relationship between moisture content and electrical resistance. The contact pins mounted on the top of the meter are used for making direct contact with the material. Various external electrodes are also available for specific applications.