Aluminum Scaffolding

Aluminum Scaffolding Systems

Faster enterprise scaffolds feature the original "Rib-Grip" system. High strength tubing is hydraulically cold-formed to lock mechanically into pre-cast grooves outside and inside the heat-treated cast Aluminum fittings. This method of producing Aluminum frames and components gives tensile joint strengths up to three times greater, and durability many times higher than that of traditional welded types.

Faster enterprise scaffolds offer a modular, cost effective and safe means of access to job sites.

Span Scaffold Systems

Span scaffold is extremely versatile offering the user many possibilities for use. It has adjustable legs, interchangeable braces, locking hooks, locking castors, platforms and toeboards to give the user the ability to customise scaffolding for almost any job.

VX Base

VX bases are one-piece base sections, which snap into place in seconds providing quick and simple foundations for Span towers eliminating the possibility of lost components or incorrect assembly. The VX base has a high clearance frame enabling access over obstacles.


Quick and easy to assemble featuring inclined stairladders for easy, safe ascent even when carrying tools and equipment. Ideal for semi-permanent high-level access and observation towers.

Snapout & Boiler Scaffold

A unique design offers an unbeatable solution to the problem of working at heights in locations where access is severely restricted, such as inside power station boilers, underground chambers and large storage vessels. An entire level of snapout tower folds down to a bundle which will pass through a 14in (36cm) square aperture. Once in place the bundle simply snaps out in two directions, ready for the next 6ft (2m) high section to be added.

Aluminum Scaffolding System (ANSI)
Span 300 (CE)
Span 400 (CE)
Span 500 (CE)
Snappy 300/400 (CE)
Zippy Folding Workstand (ANSI)
Zippy 20 (ANSI)
VX Stairwell (ANSI)